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This page is for links to current websites or pages for the bands who have asked to be added.  We receive these links from band members who have contacted us and wish to share their information with our website guests.  If there is any discrepancy please let us know at and we'll do our best to correct it.  Thanks for your help, and for visiting our site.
Enjoy!  Jean and Patton

Many of you have very kindly wanted to send us a check in appreciation for CD's, t-shirts, or as a means of expressing your thanks for our website.  We sincerely thank you for such a generous gesture.  Instead, won't you consider making a donation to Artist2Artist?  It is a non-profit dedicated to identifying and addressing unmet needs in the greater Athens area while at the same time supporting local performing artists.

Are you looking for someone who can repair your audio equipment?  Guitar or Bass? There's only one place to go! Here's how to contact Roger Scoggins at  
Kitchen Table Stereo.


Squalls...need we say more?

Most recently Squalls released their newest CD featuring performances from the 40 Watt in the early days of Athens.  Want to know more?

From Flagpole


Atlanta Journal Constitution

New Jersey Stage

Easy Order on Amazon

Play B Sides

And keeping with that theme, we give you Bob Hay and the Jolly Beggars.


Our pal David Pierce, funkmaster DJ at the Clermont Lounge:
Facebook Music Page
Funk Music Podcast

Our Yorkshire friends, Tim and Denise Abbott, and their vintage music, electronics, and eclectic item site:

Our friend, Gene Cook, from Body Electric days is now in Nashville, TN at:
Highland Park Church

Bill Sheffield and the XLs

Brave Combo


Glenn Phillips Band


Matt "Guitar" Murphy and "Last Call at the 40 Watt Club" release.

"When Matt moved to Miami we started a nationwide search for live recorded shows.  Most of the tapes were too poor quality or incomplete.  This past winter Pat Biddle contacted Matt with shows he had recorded while on a 12-year stint as soundman at The 40 Watt Club in Athens, GA.  The result is a post-Blues Brothers CD that has Matt with all his virtuosity intact in a roadhouse full-tilt performance. The CD release was set for summer 2011 on BMGI. Internet downloads were available on July 4th."

Snagglepuss. From Fetchin' Bones to Sugarsmack, then  Sugarsmack to Snagglepuss.

For those of you wondering what happened to David McNair, he's currently a member of Matt Edwards and the Lonely.  

And never one to be stagnant (Matt Berndt is Jean's nephew after all), check out the new band in which he is the lead singer!  YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED, especially you old rockers out there! Show them some love....."like" them on Facebook.
Rising Phoenix!!!!!





Wiz's Calendars

(1980 & 1981 are partial years)

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