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Band of the Week Winners 320 - 339

Week #320                                           Final Frontier performing "How Long"

November 4, 2016

                                                                 Winner:  Chris Hartstonge, London, UK.   Co-winners:  Joel Suttles,                                                                   Asheville, NC; Darryl  White, Melbourne, AU; Andy Johnson,                                                                               Athens, GA; Steve Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR; Craig Williams,                                                                             Portland, OR;  Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL;  Tom English,                                                                                   Archdale, NC;  Kenneth Rogers, Atlanta, GA;  Liam  O'Hara,                                                                                 Seneca, SC; Tim Abbott, Skipton, UK.

Hint:  This band was a trio fronted by the younger brother of one of Athens' most recognizable and distinctive guitarists. The younger tried to emulate the elder's guitar style, with mixed success in the opinion of the writer. This band enjoyed a moderate amount of fan loyalty and released a 45 that got some airplay on Atlanta and Athens stations, but not enough to keep its buoy afloat forever.



Week #321                                          the Lyres performing "Nobody But You"

November 11, 2016

                                                                Winner:  Tom English, Archdale, NC.   Co-winners:  Joel Suttles,                                                                        Asheville, NC;  Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL;  Andy Johnson,                                                                                Athens, GA;  Tim Abbott, Skipton, UK;  Darryl  White, Melbourne,                                                                    AU;  Steve Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR;  Chris Hartstonge, London,                                                                    UK; Liam O'Hara, Seneca, SC;  Craig Williams, Portland, OR;  Dan                                                                      Matthews, Winterville, GA


Hint:  This band hailed from Beantown, or Boston, and came to the Watt on Broad several times in the 1980's, the last time the month before we closed that venue. They shared the same label as several bands from New England, some of whom also called to visit the Watt in the same time period. Their front man works at a record store up there now, onstage his nickname was "Motoman". Good luck everybody!!


Week #322                                         The La Di Das performing "Courtesy by Proxy"

November 18, 2016

                                                               Winner:  Chris Hartstonge, London, UK.  Co-winners:  Andy                                                                                 Johnson, Athens, GA, Tom English, Archdale, NC;  Joel Suttles,                                                                         Asheville, NC;  Tim Abbott, Skipton, UK;  Kip Shepherd, Huntsville,                                                                   AL;  Dan Matthews, Winterville, GA;  Steve Fleming, Tourmakeady,                                                                  IR;  Darryl White,   Melbourne, AU;  Craig Williams, Portland, OR ;                                                                     and Liam O'Hara, Seneca, SC.


Hint: This band was fronted by a singer-songwriter whose career ended tragically when he committed suicide at Christmas seven years ago. His gravelly voice was well known in Athens beginning with this band's appearance on the Athens scene not long before the Watt on Broad closed. His lengthy discography remains as a legacy to a free spirit who touched many during his short stay with us. For this episode, we want the front man's name AND the name of the band. 



Week #323                                        Brian Brain performing TU

November 25, 2016                                

                                                              Winner:  Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL.  Co-winners:  Tom English,                                                                    Archdale, NC;  Tim Abbott, Skipton, UK;   Craig Williams, Portland,                                                                  OR;  Darryl White, Melbourne, AU;  Steve  Fleming, Tourmakeady,                                                                    IR;  Andy Johnson, Athens, GA;   Liam O'Hara, Seneca, SC;                                                                                    Kenneth Rogers, Atlanta, GA;  Joel Suttles,  Asheville, NC;  Chris                                                                        Hartstonge, London, UK.


Hint:   This band was the brainchild of a former member of Public Image who went on to perform in Nine Inch Nails, among other groups. This particular concoction breezed through the 40 Watt on Broad in the last summer we were open down there, performing for an audience that seemed more bemused than entertained. That ought to be enough hints, except that at the end of the show he wished the crowd a happy Independence Day.



Week #324                                       Time Toy performing "Langer"

December 2, 2016                                  

                                                             Winner:  Tom English, Archdale, NC.  Co-winners:  Andy Johnson,                                                                     Athens, GA;  Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL;  Joel Suttles, Asheville,                                                                   NC;  Darryl White, Melbourne, AU;  Chris Hartstonge, London, UK;                                                                     Craig Williams, Portland, OR;  Liam O'Hara, Seneca, SC;  and                                                                               Kenneth Rogers, Atlanta, GA


Hint:  This band was a concatenation formed by members from other Athens bands, a formula employed by most of the bands in town at one time or another. Some of the bands represented by the roster of this band included the Little Tigers, Toyboat, Club GaGa, Is Ought Gap, BANG!, Post Raisin Touchers, Dharma Bums, the Squalls, Go Van Go and more too numerous to mention. They developed a small but loyal and obstreperous following and enjoyed a brief reunion before the untimely demise of a member a few years ago. We'll award an extra 5 points for each band member correctly identified, in addition to the name of the band.


Week #325                                      Seven Simons performing "Footprints in the Ivy"

December 9, 2016
                                                            Winner:  Joel Suttles, Asheville, NC.  Co-winners:  Kip Shepherd,                                                                        Huntsville, AL;  Chris Hartstonge, London, UK;  Craig Williams,                                                                          Portland, OR;  Tom English, Archdale, NC;  Andy Johnson, Athens,                                                                    GA;  Darryl White, Melbourne, AU;  Tim Abbott, Skipton, UK.


Hint:  This band was one of those "fence-sitter" bands that came to Athens and stayed but was not what I would consider a resident of the Classic City. That isn't meant to be an indictment; rather, it's intended as a hint to the identity of the band. Other examples of "fence-sitters" would include Drivin' n' Cryin' and the Flat Duo Jets. That being said, they played our place on Broad on a cold winter night not long before it closed, and the opening band was a well-known quartet that established a tradition with its gesture. Unfortunately, problems with the guitar amp truncate that opening show, much to the chagrin of the sizable crowd that got the word-of-mouth news about three little letters playing before a new and mostly unknown band with an alliterative name.



Week #326                                      Tupelo Chain Sex performing "Hippie Hippie Shake"

December 16, 2016

                                                            Winner:  Tom English, Archdale, NC.  Co-winners:  Chris Hartstonge,                                                                London, UK;  Darryl White, Melbourne, AU;  Joel Suttles, Asheville,                                                                  NC;  Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL;  Andy  Johnson, Athens, GA;  Liam                                                              O'Hara, Seneca, SC;  and Craig Williams, Portland, OR


Hint: this band came to the Watt on Broad a couple of times in the mid 80's, developing quite a following when they did. Their musical style has been described as difficult to categorize, with psychobilly being the most apt descriptive in my opinion. They were noted for their colorful lead singer and his blue Mohawk, among other memorable stage props. They also featured a violinist who performed with Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention.



Week #327                                     Pylon performing "Crazy"

December 23, 2016

                                                           Winner:  Andy Johnson, Athens, GA.  Co-winners:  Tim Abbott,                                                                         Skipton, UK;  Chris Hartstonge, London, UK;  Kip Shepherd,                                                                                 Huntsville, AL;  Tom English, Archdale, NC; Robby McMahon,                                                                             Gainesville, GA;  Darryl White, Melbourne, AU;  Craig Williams,                                                                          Portland, OR;  Julie Adair, Decatur, GA;  Joel Suttles, Asheville, NC;                                                                   Steve Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR;  Liam O'Hara, Seneca, SC;                                                                                 Benjamin Hesse, Athens, GA.


Hint: this band was the color-bearer of the Athens Art Rock movement that many consider to be the legacy established by the B-52's before they left for New  City. The influences on other bands not just in the Classic City, but around the country and the planet are too numerous to tabulate. One of those bands recorded this song on one of their albums as a tribute to what this band has meant for the music community in Athens. I think further introduction unnecessary!!



Week #328                                     Matt "Guitar" Murphy performing "Georgia on My Mind"

December 30, 2016

                                                           Winner:  Steve Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR.  Co-winners:  Chris                                                                             Hartstonge, London, UK;  Tom English, Archdale, NC;  Andy Johnson,                                                             Athens, GA;  Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL;    arryl White, Melbourne,                                                               AU;  Craig Williams, Portland, OR;  Liam O'Hara, Seneca, SC.


Hint: this band was a quintessential roadhouse blues band from Chicago that came to the Watt on Broad several times in the 80's. I recorded as much of the performances as I was able to because they were just that good. The band took its name from the guitarist, who has compiled an outstanding record as a session player in Memphis and Chicago going back to shortly after WWII. He celebrated his 87th birthday yesterday. Good luck everybody!!



Week #329                                      Little Tigers performing "September Girls"

January 6, 2017             

                                                            Winner:  Chris Hartstonge, London, UK.  Co-winners:  Andy Johnson,                                                              Athens, GA;  Darryl White, Melbourne, AU;  Kip Shepherd, Huntsville,                                                              AL;  Steve Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR;  Joel Suttles, Asheville, NC;                                                                      Craig Williams, Portland, OR;  Tom English, Archdale, NC;                                                                                    Kenneth Rogers, Atlanta, GA;  Robby McMahon, Gainesville, GA;                                                                      Liam O'Hara, Seneca,  SC.


Hint: this band was among the top in popularity in Athens till its demise in 1984. It held the house record for door take and draw at the Watt on Clayton version 1.0.  That door take was $666.00, and our doorman Lance added a dollar to achieve a more tolerable amount. That record was set in January, 1983, hard to believe it's been that long. This clip is one of the few cover tunes performed by that band, an Alex Chilton selection that was a staple of their repertoire. Good luck everybody!!


Week #330                                     Bill Sheffield & the XLs performing "I Heard it Through the Grapevine"

January 13, 2017          

                                                           Winner:  Steve Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR.  Co-winners:  Andy                                                                             Johnson, Athens, GA; Chris Hartstonge, London, UK;  Craig Williams,                                                             Portland, OR;  Joel Suttles, Asheville, NC;  Darryl White, Melbourne,                                                                 AU;  Tom English, Archdale, NC; Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL;  Tim                                                                   Abbott, Skipton, UK;  Liam O'Hara, Seneca, SC;  Kenneth  Rogers,                                                                     Atlanta, GA.



Hint: this band came to our place on Broad back in the summer of '84, when this recording was made. They were the quintessential blue-eyed soul band in Atlanta during the 80's and built a solid following that can be heard in the background on this tape. Their name included that of the frontman, who has been performing in Atlanta since the late 60's. This is one of those that you either know it right away or it won't come to you. Good luck everybody!!


Week #331                                     REM performing "White Tornado" AKA "Generic"

January 20, 2017

                                                           Winner:  Darryl White, Melbourne, AU.  Co-winners: Kip Shepherd,                                                                   Huntsville, AL;  Tom  English, Archdale, NC;  Joel Suttles, Asheville,                                                                 NC;  Andy Johnson, Athens, GA;  Tim Abbott, Skipton, UK;  Craig                                                                       Williams, Portland, OR;  Steve Fleming, Tourmakeady, UK;  Liam                                                                       O'Hara,  Seneca, SC;  and Chris Hartstonge, London, UK.


Hint: this band was Athens' arguably most successful band of all-time, based on every parameter that applies to rating success. This particular song has a place in history, since it was the third song on their demo cassette that was sent to college radio stations across the country, and it has enjoyed the distinction of being named, renamed and then renamed again with the original name. We'd like both names for this song for an extra five points each, the name of the band will only get you the regular points awarded each week. Hope you enjoy a little blast from the past!



Week #332                                     Taj Mahal performing "Little Red Rooster"

January 27, 2017      

                                                           Winner:  Chris Hartstonge, London, UK.  Co-winners: Andy Johnson,                                                               Athens, GA;  Tom  English, Archdale, NC;  Joel Suttles, Asheville, NC;                                                               Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL;  Steve  Fleming, Tourmakeady, UK;  Tim                                                             Abbott, Skipton, UK;  Darryl White, Melbourne, AU;  Liam                                                                                   O'Hara, Seneca, SC

Hint: this was an artist with whom I worked a couple of times early in my tenure as an independent engineer in Athens. I had a client who employed my services several times at his venue, one of them being the source for this clip. This performer has enjoyed a successful career for many years, beginning in the late 50's and including 2 Grammy awards. We've only featured him once previously on Band of the Week, and we hope this episode will make some amends toward that oversight. 



Week #333                                     the Blanks performing "Dancing in the Dark"

February 3, 2017

                                                           Winner:  Chris Hartstonge, London, UK.  Co-winners:  Tim Abbott,                                                                   Skipton, UK;  Craig  Williams, Portland, OR;  Tom English, Archdale,                                                                 NC;  Joel Suttles, Asheville, NC;  Andy  Johnson, Athens, GA;  Steve                                                                   Fleming, Tourmakeady, UK;  Darryl White, Melbourne, AU;                                                                                   Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL;  Liam O'Hara, Seneca, SC.


Hint: this was the band that I went to work for when Men in Trees and I parted ways shortly after Tyrone's burned down. I had worked with this band several times previously and the move felt like a natural progression. We spent most of our time in clubs on Isle of Palms, SC and Savannah. Some of Athens' best musicians performed in this band, among them the guitarist, who has gone on to a Grammy-nominated career as a recording engineer and producer in Athens. That's him singing the lead vocal part.  Please excuse the accelerated tempo of the recording, this was made with a normal bias tape that came from the guitarist, and it has seen better days. Good luck everybody!!


Week #334                                    the Le Roi Brothers performing "Ain't I'm a Dog"

February 10, 2017

                                                          Winner:  Tom English, Archdale, NC.  Co-winners:  Kip Shepherd,                                                                      Huntsville, AL;  Darryl  White, Melbourne, AU;  Steve Fleming,                                                                            Tourmakeady, IR;  Andy Johnson, Athens, GA;  Tim                                                                                                Abbott,  Skipton, UK;  Chris Hartstonge, London, UK;  Liam O'Hara,                                                                  Seneca, SC, Craig Williams, Portland, OR


Hint: this band was one of those roadhouse blues bands from Texas that seemed to show up at the Watt on Broad every month or so and put on a scalding performance when they did. They formed in Austin in 1981, their career spanning several decades and including induction into the Austin Music Hall of Fame in 2014. Their drummer previously played for the Fabulous Thunderbirds. 



Week #335                                   Silent P's performing unknown

February 17, 2017

                                                         Winner:  Tom English, Archdale, NC.  Co-winners:  Kip Shepherd,                                                                       Huntsville, AL;  Chris  Hartstonge, London, UK;  Darryl White,                                                                             Melbourne, AU.


Hint: this band was, like many in Athens, formed by UGA students, one of whom worked as our doorman on Broad Street shortly before it closed. They had a moderate amount of success with a self-produced EP that featured a song that received quite a bit of radio play. I personally enjoyed that song "I Got a Beamer" and got a big kick when they performed it live. Unfortunately I never got a recording of it, so this one will have to do. Good luck everybody!!



Week #336                                    Webb Wilder & the Beatnecks performing 

February 24, 2017

                                                          Winner:  Chris Hartstonge, London, UK.  Co-winners:  Kip                                                                                    Shepherd Huntsville, AL; Darryl White, Melbourne, AU;  Tom                                                                              English, Archdale, NC;  Steve Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR;  Tim                                                                            Abbott, Skipton, UK;  Craig Williams, Portland, OR;  Andy Johnson,                                                                  Athens, GA;  Kenny Rogers, Atlanta, GA;  Liam O'Hara, Seneca, SC.


Hint: this band was composed of Nashville session players brought together to back the front man, who has gone on to a lengthy career that includes an extensive film videography. They came to the Watt on Broad shortly before it closed, in support of their debut album It Came from Nashville. The T-shirt I got that night was my favorite until it finally wore out, and was one of the few I owned that wasn't black.  



Week #337                                   Birdsongs of the Mesozoic performing

March 3, 2017                                       

                                                         Winner:  Tim Abbott, Skipton, UK.  Co-winners:  Kip Shepherd,                                                                           Huntsville, AL;  Darryl White, Melbourne, AU;  Andy Johnson, Athens,                                                             GA;  Tom English, Archdale, NC;  Chris Hartstonge, London, UK;  Liam                                                             O'Hara, Seneca, SC;  Craig Williams, Portland, OR;  Steve  Fleming,                                                                   Tourmakeady, IR;  Kenneth Rogers, Atlanta, GA.


Hint: this band was composed of serious music students from the Boston area who came to the Watt on Broad a couple of times in the mid 80's. They had an imposing set of credentials, among which was the Billboard comment "“a mesmerizing venture into the space age jungle". One of the members was a guest at our place on the Loop 7 years ago, his Irish setter Mollie had a rip-roaring time with Fannie. One of the stories he related to us was about them going to the Bluebird café the morning after their Saturday night show and while having breakfast a scruffy-looking Athenian approached their table and asked if they were the band that played the Watt the previous evening When they replied in the affirmative they discovered that they were talking to one Michael Stipe. Life in Athens in the 1980's.



Week #338                                    Lava Treatment performing

March 10, 2017

                                                          Winner:  Chris Hartstonge, London, UK.  Co-winners:  Kip Shepherd,                                                                Huntsville, AL;  Andy  Johnson, Athens, GA;  Darryl White, Melbourne,                                                            AU;  and Tom English, Archdale, NC.


Hint: this band was a duo/trio that performed at the Watt on Clayton version 2.0 a couple of times while I was there. They had a reputation before their appearances, having had a song in heavy rotation on WUOG. I liked them enough to make this recording, but in my humble opinion they didn't receive the acclaim I felt they deserved. It has come to my attention that the lead singer has been active in Athens not long ago, the other regular has returned to his native Midwest. Good luck everybody!!



Week #339                                    Glenn Phillips performing Razor Pocket

March 17, 2017

                                                          Winner:  Tom English, Archdale, NC.  co-winners:  Kip Shepherd,                                                                      Huntsville, AL;  Andy  Johnson, Athens, GA;  Joel Suttles, Asheville,                                                                  NC;  Craig Williams, Portland, OR;  Chris  Hartstonge, London, UK;                                                                    Darryl White, Melbourne, AU;  Steve Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR;                                                                      Liam O'Hara, Seneca, SC;  Kenneth Rogers, Atlanta, GA;  Tim Abbott,                                                             Skipton, UK.


Hint: this band was a personal favorite to work with and was one of the most accomplished I have ever had the good fortune to work with. The
front man has been a musical legend in Atlanta and worldwide for half a century now. Mentioning his plaudits would take most of our website space. The members of this version of his supporting group include some of the nicest people I've ever worked with, and I can walk away from music for good with a smile on my face because of the nice things they've said to me. As you can imagine, I could go on but what's the point? The clues are more than enough to identify this paragon of rock n' roll, so let's just say good luck everybody!!





















































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