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Band of the Week Winners 300 - 319

Week #300                                      Limbo District performing "Daydreaming" 

June 17, 2016

                                                           Winners:   Tom English, Archdale, NC;  Tim Abbott, Skipton,                                                                               Yorkshire;  Julie Adair, Decatur, GA; Darryl White, Melbourne, AU;                                                                     Andy Johnson, Athens, GA; Kip Shepherd,  Huntsville, AL;  Craig                                                                         Williams, Portland, OR;  Dan Matthews, Watkinsville, GA; Steve                                                                        Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR;  Paul Bodamer, Columbia, SC;  Chris                                                                         Hartstonge, London, UK;  Kenneth Rogers, Atlanta, GA.


Hint: This was arguably Athens' most unique band in the first half of the 1980's: to my knowledge there wasn't another that could lay claim to that title. They had a small but vocal following that centered on students at UGA's Art School, where most of them also studied. Their most notable moment came when they were the subject of a short film produced by Jim Herbert, a teacher at the Art School. That film was set to debut at the Watt on Clayton, only to be postponed due to the theft of some essential equipment on the day of the show. It did debut at a later date, but unfortunately the band wasn't able to perform.  



Week #301                                     Poi Dog Pondering performing "Pulling Touch"

June 24, 2016

                                                           Winners:  Darryl White, Melbourne, AU;  Kip Shepherd, Huntsville,                                                                     AL;  Tim Abbott,  Skipton, Yorkshire;  Tom English, Archdale, NC;  Joel                                                             Suttles, Asheville, NC;  Andy  Johnson,  Athens, GA;  Steve Fleming,                                                                 Tourkameady, UK;  Chris Hartstonge, London, UK


Hint: This band came to the Watt on Clayton in the late 80's in support of their first studio album and since then they've realeased seven more, as well as several compilations, live albums and DVDs. According to their website they are still performing.  They formed in Hawaii in the mid 80's, and about the time they played the Watt they moved to Austin, Texas, only to pick up and move to Chicago shortly afterward. They continue to call Chicago home, but their name alludes to their Hawaiian origins. 


Week #302                                      The Plague performing "Anarchy"

July 1, 2016

                                                            Winners:  Joel Suttles, Asheville, NC;  Darryl White, Melbourne, AU;                                                                  Robby McMahon,  Gainesville, GA;  Tim Abbott, Skipton, Yorkshire;                                                                  Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL;  Andy  Johnson, Athens, GA;  Tom                                                                        English, Archdale, NC;  Steve Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR;

                                                            Chris Hartstonge, London, UK;  Kenneth Rogers, Atlanta, GA.


Hint: This was a local Athens band that was a flag-bearer for punk in the Classic City. They made their debut at a defunct textile factory down by the river on Oconee Street, across from an Episcopalian church steeple that was part of the textile workers' social fabric around a century ago. That show happened to be attended by the drummer for another local band whose reputation was better known, and all that led to their performance at Stitchcraft on a balmy Athens evening the following September. We'll award an extra 5 points to everyone who can provide the name of that widely-known band, and another 5 points to anyone who can provide the name of the band whose PA I rented to work both of those shows. Good luck everybody!



Week # 303                                    Circle Jerks performing 'Wonderful'

July 8, 2016

                                                           Winners:  Tim Abbott, Skipton, Yorkshire;  Kip Shepherd, Huntsville,                                                               AL;  Darryl White,  Melbourne, AU;  Steve Fleming, Tourmakeady, UK;                                                             Joel Suttles, Asheville, NC;  Tom  English, Archdale, NC;  Robby                                                                           McMahon, Gainesville, GA;  Andy Johnson, Athens, GA;   Chris                                                                             Hartstonge, London, UK.


Hint: This was another of the West Coast punk bands that came through the 40 Watt Uptown back in its heyday.  They had their origin in Los Angeles at the end of the 70's, drawing on members of Black Flag and other LA bands for their roster. They performed throughout the 1970's and a brief reunion in the middle of the 90's, then reformed for the decade 2000-2010. Their roster is a Who's Who of the West Coast punk scene and they have influenced bands for decades. 



Week #304                                    White Buffalo performing "Shake Your Thang"

July 15, 2016

                                                          Winners:  Tim Abbott, Skipton, Yorkshire;  Darryl White, Melbourne,                                                                AU;  Kip Shepherd,  Huntsville, AL;  Andy Johnson, Athens, GA;                                                                          Kenneth Rogers, Atlanta, GA;  Steve Fleming,  Tourmakeady, IR.


Hint: This was a local band that started up toward the end of the 80's. I worked with them when Chris Queen and I paired up after I left the 40W for good. We worked several of the venues in town and this recording is the result of one of them. Good luck everybody!!



Week #305                                   the Medicine Show performing title unknown

July 22, 2016

                                                         Winner:  Tim Abbott, Skipton, Yorkshire.  Co-winners:  Darryl                                                                             White, Melbourne, AU;  Chris  Hartstonge, London, UK;  Tom                                                                               English, Archdale, NC; Kip Shepherd, Hunstville, AL.

Hint: This was an out-of-town band that played our place on Clayton in 1989. They did better than most bands in that situation, judging by the crowd noise at the end of the clip. We have only featured them once before, back in the summer of 2012. That isn't much help but it's the best I can do, good luck everybody!!



Week #306                                   Is Ought Gap performing "He Said"

July 29, 2016

                                                         Winner:  Tim Abbott, Skipton, Yorkshire.  Co-winners:  Tom English,                                                               Archale, NC;  Chris Hartstonge, London, UK;  Dan Matthews,                                                                               Watkinsville, GA ;  Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL;  Liam O'Hara,                                                                           Clemson,  SC;  Robby McMahon, Gainesville, GA;  Darryl White,                                                                           Melbourne,  AU;  Joel Suttles, Asheville, NC;  Kenneth Rogers, Atlanta,                                                           GA.   


Hint: This local band formed when a vocalist from another band jammed at the practice of another Athens band. The result was a very original pop fusion effort that developed an intensely devoted following and produced a record that was never released. They stayed together for a couple of years but finally broke up and moved on, although they got together for a reunion almost 3 years ago. Good luck everybody!!



Week #307                                   Glass Eye performing title unknown

August 5, 2016

                                                         Winner:  Tim Abbott, Skipton, Yorkshire.  Co-winners:  Tom English,                                                               Archdale, NC;  Chris  Hartstonge,   London, UK;  Kip Shepherd,                                                                           Huntsville, AL;  Dan Matthews, Watkinsville, GA;  Darryl  White,                                                                         Melbourne, AU;  Andy Johnson, Athens, GA;  Steve Fleming,                                                                               Tourmakeady, IR;  Liam O'Hara, Clemson, SC;  Craig Williams, Portland,                                                           OR; Kenneth Rogers, Atlanta, GA


Hint: This band was one of the many who followed the pipeline from Austin, Texas to Athens in the 1980's. Their Wikipedia article describes them as an "influential art rock group", which fits in well with Athens at the time. Their career spanned the period from 1983 to 1993, with a brief reunion in 2006. They released 5 full length studio albums as well as 3 EPs, not shabby for an art rock band! 



Week #308                                   Love Tractor performing "Ghostbusters/Uncle Danny Blues"

August 12, 2016

                                                         Winner:  Tom English, Archdale, NC.  Co-winners:  Kip Shepherd,                                                                       Huntsville, AL;  Darryl White,  Melbourne, AU;  Tim Abbott, Skipton,                                                                 Yorkshire;  Robby McMahon, Gainesville, GA;  Steve   Fleming,                                                                           Tourmakeady, IR;  Craig Williams, Portland, OR;  Andy Johnson, Athens,                                                          GA;   Vanessa Hay, Athens, GA;  Kenneth Rogers, Atlanta, GA;  Liam                                                                 O'Hara, Clemson, SC.


Hint: This was one of Athens' best known and most liked bands of the 1980's. They survived two drummer changes and a transition from an all-instrumental quartet to one that included vocals, the latter with arguably mixed results. While this selection could be classified as an effort by their "alter ego" party band persona, it was actually an encore by the real band. We thought a reprise consonant with the movie's resuscitation appropriate since a reunion show is playing tonight at the Georgia Theater. 



Week #309                                   Fugazi performing title unknown

August 19, 2016

                                                         Winner:  Joel Suttles, Asheville, NC.  Co-winners:  Craig Williams,                                                                       Portland, OR;  Darryl  White, Melbourne, AU;  Tom English, Archdale,                                                               NC;  Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL;  Chris Hartstonge, London, UK;  Tim                                                           Abbott, Skipton, Yorkshire; Andy Johnson, Athens, GA;  Vanessa Hay,                                                             Athens, GA;  Steve Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR;  Liam O'Hara, Clemson,                                                             SC.


Hint: This band was a post-hardcore group from D.C. that came to the Watt on Clayton (version 2.0) in the last year that I worked there. They took their name from an anagram associated with the VietNam war, similar to the term "snafu" or "fubar" from WWII. Their career spanned some 16 years, during which they released 6 studio albums, along with a film and a live series. They have been inactive since 2002. Good luck everybody!!                 



Week #310                                   Club Ga Ga performing "Birds"

August 26, 2016

                                                         Winner:  Joel Suttles, Asheville, NC.  Co-winners:  Tom English,                                                                           Archdale, NC;  Darryl White, Melbourne, AU;  Kip Shepherd, Huntsville,                                                           AL ;  Tim Abbott, Skipton, UK;  Andy  Johnson, Athens, GA;  Steve                                                                     Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR;  Craig Williams,  Portland, OR;                                                                                     Robby McMahon, Gainesville, GA; Liam O'Hara Clemson, SC 


Hint: This band was the quintessential Athens band from the 1980's, embodied by their practice space being located in the "Zoo", which was the house across from the Taco Stand where the B-52's performed publicly for the first time. The roster of people who called the Zoo home at one time or another would fill a "Who's Who" of Athens' bohemian personnel. This band was a personal favorite of mine, since I accompanied them on a trip to New York where they performed at CBGB's. The keyboardist, who sings lead vocal on this tune, is arguably Athens' most easily recognized rocker laureate.



Week #311                                    Mojo & Skid performing "Two Bitches on Speed"

September 2, 2016

                                                          Winner:  Tim Abbott, Skipton, UK.  Co-winners:  Tom English,                                                                            Archdale, NC;  Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL;  Darryl White, Melbourne,                                                            AU;  Andy Johnson, Athens, GA;  Steve Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR;                                                                    Craig Williams, Portland, OR;  Ken Rogers,  Atlanta, GA


Hint: This was a duo that enjoyed a brief spate of fame in the mid 80's and graced the stage of the 40 Watt Uptown when they did. Riding the success of their first album release on Enigma Records in 1985, they performed at the Watt the following summer. The front man was the driving force for the pair, and he enjoyed a successful solo career after the pair broke up in the late 80's. His music has been described as psychobilly, and it's worth noting he holds  a degree in political science and history from Miami (Ohio) University. For this episode we want the full name of both performers please. 



Week #312                                    Normaltown Flyers performing "Orange Blossom Special"

September 9, 2016

                                                          Winner:  Joel Suttles, Asheville, NC;  Tim Abbott, Skipton, UK;  Darryl                                                              White, Melbourne, AU;  Andy Johnson, Athens, GA;  Kip Shepherd,                                                                    Huntsville, AL;  Craig Williams, Portland, OR;  Chris Hartstonge,                                                                          London, UK;  Tom English, Archdale, NC;  Dan Matthews,                                                                                     Watkinsville, GA;  Robby McMahon, Gainesville, GA;  Steve Fleming,                                                                Tourmakeady, IR;  Ken  Rogers, Atlanta, GA;  Liam O'Hara, Clemson,                                                                SC.


Hint: This band was renowned in the Classic City for its Wednesday night presentations at Allen's (yeah, that hamburger joint on Prince Avenue) that was a staple of life in Normaltown. Although they, like many other Athens bands, endured personnel changes over the years the front  man and bassist were a constant and when they decided to call it a night they left a record run that will likely never be broken. While their Allen's gig didn't allow for a drummer, when they came to play the Watt they enlisted the services of Cal Hale, arguably Athens' most accomplished at that job. 



Week #313                                     Georgia Satellites performing "Train Rides Through"

September 16, 2016

                                                           Winner:  Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL.  Co-winners:  Tim Abbott,                                                                       Skipton, UK;  Darryl White, Melbourne, AU;  Robby McMahon,                                                                             Gainesville, GA;  Chris Hartstonge, London, UK;  Joel Suttles,                                                                               Asheville,  NC;  Tom English, Archdale, NC;  Andy Johnson, Athens, GA;                                                            Steve  Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR;  Ken Rogers, Atlanta, GA;  Liam                                                                     O'Hara, Clemson, SC;  Craig  Williams, Portland, OR


Hint: This was an Atlanta band that got together, released an EP (which promptly tanked), broke up, then re-formed when the EP did very well in the UK. They went on tour to support it and came to the Watt on Broad in the winter of '86. They entertained a sizable crowd for an out-of-town band in Athens, as is evidenced by the crowd noise on my recording. 



Week #314                                     Damage Report performing "Head Pump"

September 23, 2016

                                                           Winner:  Joel Suttles,  Asheville, NC.  Co-winners:  Chris Hartstonge,                                                                 London, UK;  Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL;  Andy Johnson, Athens,                                                                   GA; Brian Cook, Athens, GA;  Darryl White, Melbourne, AU;                                                                                   Kenneth Rogers, Atlanta, GA;  Tom English, Archdale, NC;  Liam                                                                        O'Hara, Clemson, SC.


Hint: This was Athens' best known industrial technopop band from the 1980's. They, like many Athens bands, were formed by students from the Art School who had a yen to explore their musical propensities. They developed a core following that loyally showed up every time they performed, and they never failed to put on a memorable show when they did.



Week #315                                    Flat Duo Jets performing unknown

September 30, 2016                            

                                                          Winner:  Joel Suttles, Asheville, NC.  Co-winners:  Darryl White,                                                                          Melbourne, AU;  Craig  Williams, Portland, OR;  Tom English, Archdale,                                                            NC; Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL;  Tim  Abbott, Skipton, UK;  Andy                                                                    Johnson, Athens, GA;  Chris Hartstonge, London, UK;  Steve                                                                                Fleming, Tourmakeady, UK;  Melissa Bock, Charlotte, NC;  Liam                                                                          O'Hara, Clemson, SC;  Kenneth Rogers, Atlanta, GA.


Hint: This band was one of those "on-the-fence" artists that some people consider an Athens group because they came to Athens to play a club and wound up hanging out with friends for awhile. Personally I don't think that necessarily qualifies as Athens residency, so that's going to be my justification for calling them an out-of-town band. They have called North Carolina home for as long as I've known them, but the sax player on this recording has been an Athens resident as long as I've lived here. This is the earlier of two recordings I made of this group, which took place about the time they made an appearance in the documentary Athens, Inside Out. 



Week #316                                    Land Sharks performing "Rhino Rock"

October 7, 2016

                                                          Winner:  Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL  Co-winners:  Joel Suttles,                                                                        Asheville, NC;  Andy  Johnson, Athens, GA;  Tom English, Archdale,                                                                  NC;  Darryl White, Melbourne, AU;  Steve  Fleming, Tourmakeady, UK;                                                              Liam O'Hara, Clemson, SC


Hint: This band was Athens' answer to bands like Weather Report, being the only genuine rock-fusion group in town in the 1980s. The standing joke among members of more lightweight "pop" acts in town was that they wouldn't miss one of their shows but that they would try not to be seen by members of other popular bands. Their album provided WUOG with ample material to lead into news and weather spots, but they never played an entire song when they did. 



Week  #317                                   Jody Grind performing "Bye Bye Baby"

October 14, 2016                          

                                                          Winner:  Joel Suttles, Asheville, NC  Co-winners:  Kip Shepherd,                                                                          Huntsville, AL;  Darryl  White, Melbourne, AU;  Tom English, Archdale,                                                            NC;  Craig Williams, Portland, OR;  Andy  Johnson, Athens, GA;  Tim                                                                  Abbott, Skipton, UK;  Steve Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR;  Liam  O'Hara,                                                              Clemson, SC



Week #318                                    Dreams So Real performing "Everywhere Girl"

October 21, 2019

                                                          Winner:  Joel Suttles, Asheville, NC.  Co-winners:  Kip Shepherd,                                                                        Huntsville, AL;  Dan  Matthews, Watkinsville, GA;  Chris Hartstonge,                                                                London, UK;  Tim Abbott, Skipton, UK;  Tom English, Archdale, NC;                                                                  Darryl White, Melbourne, AU;  Andy Johnson, Athens, GA;  Craig                                                                        Williams, Portland, OR;  Steve Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR;  Julie Adair,                                                              Decatur, GA;   Kenneth Rogers, Atlanta, GA;  Liam O'Hara, Clemson, SC


Hint: This band was one of Athens' most well known in the decade of the 80's, breaking into the music community with the release of a 45 that was produced by a member of one of Athens' foremost bands. This song was the "A" side of that 45, recorded in a show at the Broad Street Watt in 1986, the same year that their first full length album was released. Their appearance in the documentary Athens, Ga.: Inside/Out added to their luster, and they released three albums before their spotlight dimmed in the 1990's. 



Week #319                                   J. J. Cale performing "Bringing It Back to Mexico"

October 28, 2019   

                                                         Winner:  Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL.  Co-winners:  Chris Hartstonge,                                                             London, UK;  Darryl  White, Melbourne, AU;  Tom English, Archdale,                                                                 NC;  Andy Johnson, Athens, GA;  Tim  Abbott, Skipton, UK;  Steve                                                                     Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR;  Craig Williams, Portland, OR;  Joel                                                                           Suttles, Asheville, NC;  Liam O'Hara, Clemson, SC, and Kenneth                                                                         Rogers,  Atlanta, GA


Hint: this was a singer-songwriter originally from Oklahoma who broke on the musical horizon with a critically acclaimed debut album in 1972. Two of the songs on that album were covered by Eric Clapton and eventually many of his songs were covered by various artists, one of them this song which was covered by Kansas. He left a long and distinguished career when he passed away a couple of years ago, and he left a mark on music that will be remembered by many. Good luck everybody!!









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