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Band of the Week Winners 160 -179

Week #160                                    Mystery Date performing "I Know You"

October 11, 2013
                                                          Winner: Andy Johnson, Athens, GA. Co-winners: Darryl White,                                                                          Melbourne, AU; Paul  Butchart, Athens, GA; Monty Greene, Dubai,                                                                  UAE; Liam O'Hara, Clemson, SC; Mike Huff, Powder Springs, GA; Joel                                                              Suttles, Asheville, NC; Craig Williams, Portland, OR; John Smith,                                                                      Charleston, SC; Chris Hartstonge, London, UK; Ken Rogers, Atlanta,                                                                GA; Brian Crane, Que Beedoo, Cincinnati, OH; Tim Abbott, Skipton,                                                                  Yorkshire; Maureen McLaughlin, Athens, GA; Dan Matthews,                                                                            Watkinsville, GA.

Hint: This band was Athens' only all-female band (that I'm aware of) and shared the bill with another band on a night in February of 1987 when a certain Athens band performed an unannounced show at the 40 Watt. That became the template for several more shows that they performed at the Watt, those coming at the Watt on Clayton after we moved back there in June of '87. They had some difficulty finding a drummer, and went through a personnel change at that position that kept them starting over just when they were finding their groove. The lead singer eventually assumed the duties of talent coordinator at the Watt on Washington, and the guitarist lives in the Czech Republic. Good luck everybody!!


Week # 161                                  the Lyres performing "Don't Give It Up Now"

October 18, 2013
                                                         Winner: Chris Hartstonge, London, UK. Co-winners: Andy Johnson,                                                                 Athens, GA; Tim  Abbott, Skipton, Yorkshire; Dan Matthews,                                                                             Watkinsville, GA; Maureen McLaughlin,  Athens, GA; Craig Williams,                                                               Portland, OR; Que Beedoo, Cincinnati, OH; Mike Huff,  Powder Springs,                                                           GA; Darryl White, Melbourne, AU; Joel Suttles, Asheville, NC; Brian                                                                   Crane, Athens, GA; Lynn Schilberg Berndt, Grafton, WI; Ken Rogers,                                                               Atlanta, GA; Liam O'Hara, Clemson, SC.

Hint: This band hailed from Boston where it formed in 1979. They released several records and toured extensively over the years, taking a hiatus for most of the 1990s before reforming in the late 90s. They performed several shows at the Uptown 40 Watt, including the one at which this recording was made. Although the band has seen a lengthy roster of personnel over the years the front man has remained a constant, as has the musical instrument from which they take their name. It is famous as a symbol of the Emerald Isle. Good luck everybody!!!!

Week # 162                                 Go Van Go performing "Halloween"

October 25, 2013
                                                        Winner: Chris Hartstonge, London, UK. Co-winners: Tim Abbott,                                                                      Skipton, Yorkshire; Darryl White, Melbourne, AU; Andy Johnson,                                                                      Athens, GA; Ken Rogers, Atlanta, GA; Steve Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR;                                                          Liam O'Hara, Clemson, SC.

Hint: This band was among Athens' most popular in the mid 80s, enjoying a loyal following that hit the dance floor with the first song every time they performed. It consisted of three members from previous Athens bands that also enjoyed local success, and a fourth member who was new to town. When the Washington Post came to Athens to examine what was happening in this quiet little college town they came to the Watt on a night this band played and the picture that resulted is to my mind the best that ever captured the essence of Athens music. Also, the front man made a guest appearance with a local band on the stage at Tyrone's in September of 1981, singing backup on a rendition of "There She Goes Again". That band's front man introduced him as "the grandfather of Cobbham". Good luck everybody!!!


Week # 163                                 Mister Crowe's Garden performing "Twice As Hard"

November 1, 2013
                                                        Winner: Chris Hartstonge, London, UK. Co-winners: Darryl White,                                                                    Melbourne, AU;  Dan Matthews, Watkinsville, GA; Que BeeDoo,                                                                        Cincinnati, OH; Burton Hood,  Monroe, GA; Andy Johnson, Athens, GA;                                                           Craig Williams, Portland, OR; Paul  Butchart, Athens, GA; Steve                                                                         Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR; Chris Rasmussen, Athens, GA; Maureen                                                                 McLaughlin, Athens, GA; Joel Suttles, Asheville, NC; Tom Evans,                                                                       Watkinsville, GA; Lynn Schilberg Berndt, Grafton, WI; Brian Crane,                                                                   Athens,  GA; Tim Abbott, Skipton, Yorkshire; Ken Rogers, Atlanta, GA;                                                          Liam O'Hara,  Clemson, SC; Mike Huff, Powder Springs, GA; Larry                                                                      Lumb, Los Angeles, CA.

Hint: This band came to the Watt on Clayton version 2.0 unheralded and as a result the crowd consisted of perhaps a dozen of their Atlanta friends. This recording was made that night 26 years ago, the night of their Athens debut. They performed under their original name, which was quickly changed to the moniker that they made famous with the success of their debut album, released on the label Def American in 1990. Good luck everybody!!!


Week # 164                                 Chickasaw Mudd Puppies performing "Mister Shorty"

November 8, 2013
                                                        Co-winners (due to posting problems all correct answers are                                                                            included):  Andy Johnson, Athens, GA; Craig Williams, Portland, OR;                                                                Darryl White, Melbourne, AU; Chris Hartstonge, London, UK; Steve                                                                  Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR; James  Lumb, Los Angeles, CA; Liam                                                                      O'Hara, Clemson, SC; Dan Matthews, Watkinsville,  GA; Brian Crane,                                                                Athens, GA; Chris Rasmussen, Athens, GA; Bob Hay, Athens, GA.

Hint: This band consisted of two friends who met during their stints as students at UGA, like many Athens bands did. Their original, homespun presentation made them a local favorite at the Clayton Street Watt version 2.0 in the late 80's and they always drew an enthusiastic crowd to their performances. The harpist/vocalist also played a faux kick drum by use of an ingenious device, a platform composed of a rectangular 2X4 frame surmounted by a piece of plywood, upon which he sat in a rocking chair while stomping on the plywood. There was a small opening cut into the front of the frame, which served as the "port" for a mic to be inserted, and which picked up the "kick drum". Easily one of the more unique instruments it was my good fortune to encounter in my years as a soundman in Athens. Good luck everybody!!!!


Week # 165                                 Bruce Hampton &  the Aquarium Rescue Unit performing

 November 15, 2013                 "Natural Causes/Dust my Broom"

                                                         Winner: Chris Hartstonge, London, UK. Co-winners: Andy Johnson,                                                                 GA; Chris Rasmussen, Athens, GA; Craig Williams, Portland, OR; Darryl                                                           White,  Melbourne, AU; Scott Sanders, Athens, GA; Mike Huff, Powder                                                           Springs,  GA; Liam O'Hara, Clemson, SC; Ken Rogers, Atlanta, GA;                                                                     Brian Crane, Athens,  GA; Steve Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR.

Hint: This band was one of many fronted by this legendary guitarist/vocalist during a career that began in the mid-60's in Atlanta, hit a bump in the road with the release of an album on Columbia by the band he performed with in the late 60's/early 70's, and then began a long run that has continued to the present day. That album is considered the second worst selling album of all time, but it features two of the longest-lived Atlanta musicians of all time. We will accept the name of the front man or the group, either one counts. This clip is lengthier than most and we hope you enjoy it to the end. Let's play Band of the Week everybody!!!!


Week # 166                                  Dreams So Real performing "In Our Own Backyard"

November 22, 2013
                                                         Winner: Chris Hartstonge, London, UK. Co-winners: Darryl White,                                                                     Melbourne,  AU; Chris Rasmussen, Watkinsville, GA; Dan Matthews,                                                               Watkinsville, GA; Craig Williams, Portland, OR; Monty Greene, Dubai,                                                             UAE; Andy Johnson, Athens, GA; Maureen McLaughlin, Athens,                                                                         GA; Lynn Schilberg Berndt, Grafton, WI; Mike Huff, Powder Springs,                                                               GA; James Lumb,  Decatur, GA; Liam O'Hara, Clemson, SC.                                                


Hint: This band was an Athens favorite starting in 1983 and continuing through the end of the decade. Their career got a boost when the guitarist for another Athens band produced their first record, a 45 single that received extensive airplay on college radio stations. That was followed by an album on a minor label, then two albums on a major label, the first of which did well but the second one not so much. They self-released a compilation of outtakes after that and, following extensive touring, they left music behind and moved on to life outside the stage lights' glare. They were one of the bands that was featured in the Athens music documentary Inside Out. Good luck everybody!!

Week # 167                                  Galaxie 500 performing "Flowers" 

November 29, 2013
                                                         Winner: Chris Hartstonge, London, UK. Co-winners: Andy Johnson,                                                                 Athens, GA; Darryl White, Melbourne, AU; Craig Williams, Portland,                                                                 OR; Chris Rasmussen,  Athens, GA; Liam O'Hara, Clemson, SC; Steve                                                               Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR. 

Hint: This band is a little difficult for me to give a good hint this time because we featured them more recently than usual, and the amount of material to draw from isn't as substantial as we'd like. That being said, the members of this band formed it during their time as students at Harvard in the late 80's. They named it after the model of a friend's car. They released three albums before the band split up in 1991, the second of which was well received in the UK but not as much in the U.S. As I mentioned, we featured this band fairly recently, but we chose it this week to dedicate to our friends from down under. Good luck everybody!!

Week # 168                                   Rumjungle performing "Too Good to be True"

December 6, 2013
                                                          Winner: Andy Johnson, Athens, GA. Co-winners: Chris Hartstonge,                                                                  London, UK;  Vanessa Dolokova, Prague, CR; Craig Williams, Portland,                                                            OR; Que Beedoo, Cincinnati, OH; Darryl White, Melbourne, AU; Steve                                                              Fleming, Tourmakeady IR;  Bob Hay, Athens, GA; Dan Matthews,                                                                      Watkinsville, GA. 

Hint: This band was a local favorite around the time the 40 Watt opened on Clayton and were a staple there because the Watt didn't have a PA and the band did, which meant they received ample opportunity to play the Watt. Besides, they were a pretty darn good band too. Some people in town thought they were trying to copy the B-52s and as a result there was some ostracism by a few people, but for the most part they had a loyal following as evidenced by the applause at the end of the clip. That applause signaled the end of the night of their final show, recorded at the Watt on Broad in 1984. They also had another name earlier in their career, we'll award an extra 5 points to anyone who can provide that name also. Good luck everybody!!


Week # 169                                 Birdsongs of the Mesozoic performing "Waterwheel" 

December 13, 2013
                                                         Winners: Andy Johnson, Athens, GA, and Que Beedoo, Cincinnati, OH.

                                                         Co-winners: Dan Matthews, Watkinsville, GA; Tim Abbott, Skipton,                                                                 Yorkshire; Darryl White, Melbourne, AU; Errol Stewart, San Francisco,                                                             CA; Steve Fleming, Tourmakeady. IR; Chris Rasmussen, Watkinsville,                                                             GA; Chris Hartstonge, London, UK.

Hint: This band consisted of some of the members of a band that came through the Clayton Street Watt in its early days with critical acclaim and left the Athens audience clamoring for more. It took a few years and a change in name but they returned and put on a virtuoso performance to a small but appreciative crowd. This was yet another in a long string of good Boston music that played the Watt in one venue or another, a classically trained and entertaining set of musicians who left a good feeling behind when they left town for the next stop on their tour. Jean and I were fortunate to enjoy the company of the main keyboardist when he came back to Athens a couple of years ago. Good luck everybody!!



Week #170                                    BANG! performing "Turning a Deaf Ear"          

December 20, 2013
                                                          Winner: Chris Hartstonge, London, UK. Co-winners: Andy Johnson,                                                                  Athens, GA;  Liam O'Hara, Clemson, SC; Dan Matthews, Watkinsville,                                                              GA; Que BeeDoo, Cincinnati, OH; Craig Williams, Portland, OR; Ken                                                                  Rogers, Atlanta, GA; Steve  Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR; Darryl White,                                                              Melbourne, AU.

Hint: This band was composed of three members of one of Athens' most popular bands in the early '80s, plus a singer-songwriter who came to town not long after I did. The popular band lost a key member in a tragic auto wreck and after that the band seemed to go into a downward tailspin and never recovered, although the process took a couple of years. In the meantime the core members spun off into some of Athens' most creative bands from that period, including this one. It's a personal favorite because I thought this was one of the best bands in town in terms of songwriting, creative talent and stage presence, but then nobody ever asked my opinion that I can remember. This recording contains no crowd noise because it was one of the pro bono recordings I made in an attempt to help out bands by coming to the Watt on Sunday and setting up, then recording the band live on stage. It wasn't easy talking Doug into letting me do so but he eventually agreed that the effort was good from a PR standpoint, and allowed us to take advantage of the 40 Watt gear to try to give worthy bands a helping hand up the ladder. Also, the lead guitarist left us earlier than he should have last year, and I'd like to dedicate this edition of Band of the Week to the best man when I married the mother of my daughters. We'll award an extra five points to everyone who remembers one of Athens' best, who left us much too soon. Good luck everybody!!!

Week # 171                                    the Jumper Cables performing "Who Do You Love?"

December 27, 2013
                                                           Winner: Que Beedoo, Cincinnati, OH. Co-winners: Chris Hartstonge,                                                                 London,  UK; Andy Johnson, Athens, GA; Darryl White, Melbourne,                                                                   AU; Dan Matthews,  Watkinsville, Ga; Craig Williams, Portland, OR.

Hint: This was a roadhouse band from Charleston that featured a torrid guitarist, they came through the Watt on Broad about a year before we closed and moved back to Clayton Street. A local favorite opened for them and the crowd that night obviously enjoyed the show, as evidenced by the applause at the end of the clip. While they never achieved superstardom this band has apparently enjoyed a long-lived career, judging from what I was able to find on the internet while researching for this episode. Since this one is probably going to be a little too esoteric for our panel of regulars we left an inescapable clue toward the end of the clip, hope you enjoy the music while you make the journey to get to that point. Happy New Year and good luck everybody, thanks for playing Band of the Week!!!

Week # 172                                   Drivin' Snow performing "Another Scarlet Butterfly"

January 3, 2014
                                                          Winner: Andy Johnson, Athens, GA. Co-winners: Darryl White,                                                                          Melbourne, AU;  Que BeeDoo, Cincinnati, OH; Monty Greene, Dubai,                                                                UAE; Chris Hartstonge, London, UK; Dan Matthews, Watkinsville, GA;                                                            Mike Huff, Powder Springs, GA; Lynn Berndt, Grafton, WI; Tim and                                                                  Denise Abbott, Skipton,  Yorkshire; Liam O'Hara, Clemson, SC; Brian                                                              Crane, Athens, GA.

Hint: This was one I overlooked the first time around so this will be their première on Band of the Week. They weren't really a band, I just gave them a catchy name for the circumstances and as it turned out they came back to play the Watt and assumed a nom de muse of their own for those appearances. The circumstances were these: we had a band scheduled to play the first week of 1988 but a snowstorm blew in and the band was stranded in North Carolina, unable to make it to Athens. They called us about the time sound check was scheduled to let us know they wouldn't be there for the show, and Barrie called the houseguest she and Peter were hosting and the result was an impromptu unplugged performance sometimes referred to as "Snow Night" but as mentioned, I preferred the catchy name I came up with. This episode is dedicated to the guitarist featured in the solo of this selection, my old friend Buren Fowler. Good luck everybody!!

Week # 173                                  Tinsley Ellis & the Heartfixers performing "Time to Quit"

January 10, 2014
                                                         Winner: Andy Johnson, Athens, GA. Co-winners: Chris Hartstonge,                                                                   London,  UK; Que BeeDoo, Cincinnati, OH; Steve Fleming,                                                                                   Tourmakeady, IR; Darryl  White, Melbourne, AU; Scott  Sanders,                                                                       Athens, GA; Craig Williams, Portland, OR; Liam O'Hara, Clemson, SC.

Hint: This band became a staple at the Watt after we moved to Broad Street in April of '83. They earned one of the most loyal followings of any band that played our place during those years and they were one of the bands that almost talked me into leaving Athens to run sound for them. I found the front man online a few years ago and we caught up by email, two of the members of the band have died in the interim and he's lost track of the others but his career has done extremely well: a couple of years ago his release that year earned Album of the Year in its category and he just released his latest album. We want the name of the front man and the name of the band please. Good luck everybody!!!

Week # 174                                  Reuben Kincaid performing "Love Me Truly"

January 17, 2014
                                                         Winner: Dan Matthews, Watkinsville, GA. Co-winners: Andy Johnson,                                                            Athens, GA; Joel Suttles, Asheville, NC; Darryl White, Melbourne, AU;                                                             Steve  Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR; Que BeeDoo, Cincinnati, OH; Lynn                                                               Schilberg  Berndt, Grafton, WI; Chris Rasmussen, Athens, GA.

Hint: This band came into being about the time we reopened on Clayton Street in the summer of '87. Like so many other Athens bands its members were students at UGA, and their fans were friends from school for the most part. I don't believe they ever achieved lasting fame of any kind, they played for the fun of it and a good time was had by most if not all at their shows. They took the name of the band from the name of a character in a certain television comedy from the 1970's who passed away recently, and the suggestion was made that we post a tribute, so here it is! Good luck everybody!!!

Week # 175                                  Deacon Lunchbox performing "Terrorism"

January 24, 2014
                                                         Winner: Andy Johnson, Athens, GA. Co-winners: Dan Matthews,                                                                      Watkinsville, GA; Liam O'Hara, Clemson, SC; Tim Abbott, Skipton,                                                                    Yorkshire; Chris Rasmussen, Athens, GA; John Smith, Charleston, SC;

                                                         Steve Fleming,Tourmakeady, IR; Joel Suttles, Asheville, SC; Ellen                                                                      Bradshaw, Cypress, TX; Chris Hartstonge, London, UK; Ken Rogers,

                                                         Atlanta, GA; Maureen McLaughlin, Athens, GA.


Hint: This "band" consisted of a solo performer whose reputation as a street poet in Atlanta in the late 80's was unsurpassed. One of his songs was a hit on FM radio in the Big A, and a paperback book of his poems was published around the time he started performing in Athens. He also performed alongside some bands, including the Skinpops and the Jody Grind, two of whose members were killed along with our artist in a tragic wreck on an Alabama interstate in the 90's. He was a unique performer and one of a kind, good luck everybody!!!

Week # 176                                  Billy James performing "Birds to be Played With"

January 31, 2014
                                                          Winner: Chris Hartstonge, London, UK;Co-winners: Joel Suttles,                                                                        Asheville, NC; Darry White, Melbourne, AU; Andy Johnson, Athens,                                                                  GA;  Dan  Matthews, Watkinsville, GA; Liam O'Hara, Clemson, SC.

Hint: This band never reached stardom but they did amass a loyal following of Athens music townies who turned out whenever they performed. The front man was a member of at least three or four earlier Athens bands and was our first light tech at the 40W Uptown on Broad Street. The drummer is currently a member of a band in Virginia, and they just released their first CD. That announcement is a "share" on my Facebook page as of yesterday. Good luck everybody!

Week # 177                                  John Cale performing "Dead or Alive"

February 7, 2014
                                                         Winner: Chris Hartstonge, London, UK. Co-winners: Andy Johnson,                                                                 Athens,  GA; Tim Abbott, Skipton, Yorkshire; Darryl White, Melbourne,                                                           AU; Brian  Crane, Athens, GA; Joel Suttles, Asheville, NC; Liam O'Hara,                                                           Clemson, SC; Maureen McLaughlin, Athens, GA; Steve Fleming,                                                                         Tourmakeady, IR.


Week # 178                                  the Landsharks performing "Hi Fidel"

February 14, 2014  

                                                          Winner: Andy Johnson, Athens, GA. Co-winners: Steve Fleming,                                                                        Tourmakeady, IR; Chris Hartstonge, London, UK; Joel Suttles,                                                                            Asheville, NC; Brian Crane, Athens, GA; Darryl White, Melbourne, AU;                                                              Que BeeDoo, Cincinnati, OH; Liam O'Hara, Clemson, SC; Chris                                                                            Rasmussen, Watkinsville, GA; Lynn Schilberg Berndt, Grafton, WI.                         

Hint: This band consisted of some of Athens' most technically proficient musicians, but they never received acclaim deserving of that distinction. It was an inside joke among trendy band members in town that they would go to shows and try not to be seen because it was unhip to attend shows by this band. That failed to prevent them from developing an enthusiastic fan base in town, among whose number you'd find yours truly. We included the name of this song in the clip as well as the names of two of its members, although one of those mentioned was not a permanent member. He was sitting in on a blistering percussion break that ranks among the best recordings it was my honor to bear witness to. We hope you enjoy this clip as much as I did making it, good luck everybody!!!

Week # 179                                   True Believers performing "Hard Road"

February 21, 2014
                                                          Winner: Andy Johnson, Athens, GA. Co-winners: Tim Abbott, Skipton,                                                           Yorkshire; Chris Hartstonge, London, UK; Steve Fleming,                                                                                    Tourmakeady, IR; Brian Crane, Athens, GA; Darryl White, Melbourne,                                                              UK; Que BeeDoo, Cincinnati, OH; Liam O'Hara, Clemson, SC.
Hint: This was one of the Austin bands to come through the Watt on Broad in its heyday, leaving an impression on Athens audiences for a long time to come. It featured two brothers who went on to greater fame with other bands and as solo performers. They made friends with the Athens music crowd, as is evidenced by remarks at the end of the clip. Thanks everyone for the kind birthday wishes earlier this week, and good luck everybody!!

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