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Band of the Week Winners  220 - 239

Week #220                                       Lava Love performing "Baby, What's Your Sign?"

December 5, 2014
                                                             Winner:  Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL. Co-winners:  Andy Johnson,                                                                 Athens, GA;  Melissa Bock, Charlotte, NC; Darryl White, Melbourne,                                                                 AU; Joel Suttles, Asheville, NC; Tim Abbott, Skipton, Yorkshire;                                                                         Chris Hartstonge, London, UK; Steve Fleming,  Tourmakeady, IR

Hint:  This band had a good friend as their manager...David Pierce, aka Romeo Cologne!

Week # 221                                      Time Toy performing "Industry"

December 12, 2014
                                                             Winner:  Andy Johnson, Athens, GA. Co-winners:  Joel Suttles,                                                                         Asheville, NC; Darryl  White; Melbourne, AU; Craig Williams,                                                                               Portland, OR; Kip Shepherd, Huntsville,  AL; Kenneth Rogers,                                                                             Atlanta, GA; Steve Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR; Que                                                                                                 Beedoo, Cincinnati, OH; Chris Hartstonge, London, UK.

Hint:  This week's episode we dedicated to an old friend who was gracious in extending his hospitality to us when we took Jean out to dinner for her birthday last Sunday.  What you hear is what you get.  His voice is so distinctive as to render any further hints redundant.  This band featured our old friends which included Bryan Cook, Robby McMahan, Danny Cottar and 
Paul "Buzz" Hammond.  

Week#  222                                      Birdsongs of the Mesozoic performing "Shiny Golden Snakes"            

December 19, 2014
                                                             Winner: Andy Johnson, Athens, GA. Co-winners: Tim Abbott,                                                                             Skipton, Yorkshire; Chris Hartstonge, London, UK; Darryl White,                                                                       Melbourne, AU;  Kip Shepherd,  Huntsville, AL; Craig Williams,                                                                           Portland, OR; Chris Razz, Watkinsville, GA; Que Beedoo, Cincinnati,                                                                 OH; Steve Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR; Liam O'Hara, Clemson,  SC.

Hint: This was a Boston-area band that came to the Watt on Broad a couple if times, following in the footsteps of another band that had preceded them when the Watt was on Clayton its first time. That band had left a very favorable impression, and its successor achieved the same. We wanted a clip from December and this was one of the few we could find since the Watt was usually closed during Christmas when the students went home. Also, one of the members is a friend of mine and his birthday was a few days ago so we'd like to wish him Happy Birthday! Good luck everybody!!!

Week # 223                                     Pylon performing "M Train"

December 26, 2014
                                                            Winner: Tim Abbott, Skipton, Yorkshire. Co-winners: Andy Johnson,                                                              Athens, GA; Jennifer Griffith, Athens, GA; Darryl White, Melbourne,                                                                AU; Chris Hartstonge, London, UK; Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL;                                                                      Craig Williams, Portland, OR; Joel Suttles, Asheville, NC; Mike Huff,                                                                Powder Springs, GA; Steve Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR; Liam                                                                              O'Hara, Clemson, SC.

Hint: The holidays are all about traditions and we're going to attempt creating one right here on Band of the Week. We used this clip (actually, a version thereof) for New Year's some time past but it's such a good example of New Year's Eve at the 40 Watt Club I used to know that we're just going to repeat it. Hope no one objects because it'll probably happen again. Good luck everybody!!

Week # 224                                     Conner Tribble & the Deacons performing "Calypso"

January 2, 2015
                                                            Winner: Chris Hartstonge, London, UK.  Co-winners: Darryl White,                                                                  Melbourne, AU;  Andy Johnson, Athens, GA; Joel Suttles, Asheville,                                                                NC; Tim Abbott, Skipton, Yorkshire; Dana Downs, Athens, GA; Lisa                                                                Mende, Winterville, GA; Que Beedoo,  Cincinnati, OH; Steve Fleming,                                                              Tourmakeady, IR.

Hint: This band performed recently in Athens and Wiz Audio was fortunate enough to participate. Everyone in this band is a veteran of the Athens music community for at least thirty years, including the soundman! The front man was renowned for being a pioneer of style in town and he enjoys that status to this day. Moreover, this band and revue will reprise the festivities this Saturday so please come join us if you can! Good luck everybody!!

Week # 225                                     Luther "Guitar Jr." Johnson

January 9, 2015
                                                            Winner: Craig Williams, Portland, OR. Co-winners: Andy Johnson,                                                                    Athens, GA; Darryl White, Melbourne, AU; Joel Suttles, Asheville,                                                                    NC; Chris Hartstonge, London, UK;  Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL;                                                                    Ken Rogers, Atlanta, GA; Steve Fleming,  Tourmakeady, IR.

Hint: This band was fronted by a Chicago blues guitarist whose roots were in the Mississippi Delta. His biggest claim to fame was as Muddy Waters' guitar man and as the backing guitar for John Lee Hooker in the Blues Brothers. Like another guitarist who appeared in that movie, he came to the Watt on Broad during its heyday and the result was a night of pure Delta blues and the tape that produced this clip. Good luck everybody!!

Week # 226                                   Community Trolls performing "Pale Blue Eyes"

January 16, 2015
                                                           Winner: Tim Abbott, Skipton, Yorkshire. Co-winners: Andy Johnson,                                                               Athens, GA;  Darryl White, Melbourne, AU; Chris Hartstonge,                                                                             London, UK.
Hint: This "band" was a cameo appearance at a performance that is among Athens' most iconic. It took place at an erstwhile Athens textile plant that had become an artists' enclave down by the river close to the old Episcopalian church. When the band came out to perform their second set the front man announced that he and the guitarist were going to play a few songs from "the latest band in town", which was an impromptu group composed of some of the most prominent members of the Athens music community at that time. We do NOT want the name of the band (three little letters) that everyone is familiar with, we want the name of the ad hoc group whose songs were covered that night by three little letters. Good luck everybody!!

Week # 227                                    Matt "Guitar" Murphy performing "Goin' Down"

January 23, 2015
                                                           Winner: Andy Johnson, Athens, Georgia. Co-winners: Darryl White,                                                                 Melbourne AU;  Chris Hartstonge, London, UK; Tim Abbott, Skipton,                                                             Yorkshire; Joel Suttles,  Asheville, NC; Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL;                                                               Craig Williams, Portland, OR;  Chris Razz, Watkinsville, GA.

Hint: This band was the other famous Chicago blues guitarist who came to the Watt on Broad Street back in its heyday. A few years ago I found him in retirement in Florida and sent him CD copies of the shows that I recorded and eventually those CDs provided the material for his final album release, titled "Last Call" as his way of telling me thank you for holding on to those old cassettes all those years. If you listen to the end of this clip you'll hear the evidence that supports that contention. Good luck everybody!!

Week # 228                                    the La Di Das performing "No Reply"

January 30, 2015
                                                           Winner: Tim Abbott, Skipton, Yorkshire. Co-winners: Andy Johnson,                                                               Athens, GA; Chris Hartstonge, London, UK; Kip Shepherd, Huntsville,                                                             AL; Joel Suttles, Asheville, NC; Steve Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR;                                                                       Mike  Huff, Powder Springs, GA; Darryl "West  Coast" White,                                                                             Melbourne, AU.

Hint: This band was fronted by a singer-songwriter who went on to solo and collaborative success, recording or appearing with other artists on no less than 18 albums. He also appeared in two films. While he performed as a guest artist with many bands during his career, this was his first band in Athens. Good luck everybody!!

Week #229                                      the Flat Duo Jets performing "Mary Lou"

February 6, 2015
                                                            Winner: Andy Johnson, Athens, GA. Co-winners: Joel Suttles,                                                                            Asheville, NC;  Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL; Darryl White,                                                                                  Melbourne, AU; Steve Fleming,  Tourmakeady, IR; Chris Hartstonge,                                                              London, UK; Melissa Bock, Charlotte, NC; Mike Huff, Powder                                                                              Springs, GA; Craig Williams, Portland, OR; Chris Razz, Watkinsville,                                                                 GA; Julie Adair, Atlanta, GA.

Hint: This band has traditionally been referred to as a duo, but the two times I recorded them (the first at the Watt on Broad, the second at the Clayton Street Watt version 2.0) there were three musicians onstage. The first time they added a saxophonist who, if I remember correctly, was the owner of the motor scooter that Paul Scales used to get in trouble one night in 1983. But that's another story...     Our featured artists released nine studio albums and, although they appeared in the Athens:Inside Out film, they didn't live in Athens for any length of time that I remember. Both of the "duo" members have released solo efforts since the split of the group in the late 90's. Good luck everybody!!

Week #230                                     the Blanks performing "Gimme Some Lovin'"

February 13, 2015
                                                           Winner: Andy Johnson, Athens, GA. Co-winners: Chris Hartstonge,                                                                 London, UK;  Steve Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR; Darryl White,                                                                             Melbourne, AU; Kip Shepherd,  Huntsville, AL.

Hint: This band was one of the first that I became associated with when I came to Athens, they were one of the best draws in town and maintained a well-booked calendar with many trips to Charleston, Savannah and other places in Georgia and the Carolinas. They also went through several personnel changes along the way, with this edition featuring a new female vocalist, new male vocalist/keyboardist, and drummer. The bassist and the guitarist were staples during my tenure as their soundman, and that guitarist enjoys a notable career as recording engineer at one of Athens' most renowned recording studios. I thought of this band because at one point four of the members of the band, including myself, had birthdays in February (or late January) and two of those birthdays were last week. Another member has a birthday coming up next week but that's another episode. Good luck everybody!!



Week # 231                                      the LeRoi Brothers performing "Move It"

February 20, 2015
                                                             Winner: Tim Abbott, Skipton, Yorkshire. Co-winners: Andy Johnson,                                                               Athens, GA;  Craig Williams, Portland, OR; Chris Hartstonge,                                                                             London, UK; Darryl White, Melbourne, AU; Steve Fleming,                                                                                   Tourmakeady, IR; Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL.


Hint: Some weeks at the 40 Watt on Broad it seemed as though we had a direct pipeline to Austin, Texas due to the many bands from there that came to the Watt to perform. This was an outstanding example of a roadhouse blues band from the Staked Plains, and it was a real treat to work with these guys, some of whom had a musical career that dated to the mid 60's when I first became engrossed with a guitar. I still remember Greg Reece standing next to the sound booth while I was working this show, looking at me with a big grin on his face while he tapped his toes to the beat. Let's go back to 1984 at 382 East Broad Street and play Band of the Week, good luck everybody!!

Week # 232                                      Dreams So Real performing "Maybe I'll Go Today"

February 27, 2015
                                                             Winner: Chris Hartstonge, London, UK. Co-winners: Kip Shepherd,                                                                   Huntsville, AL; Dan Matthews, Watkinsville, GA; Steve Fleming,                                                                       Tourmakeady, IR; Tim Abbott, Skipton, Yorkshire; Darryl White,                                                                       Melbourne, AU; Andy Johnson, Athens,  GA; Joel Suttles, Asheville,                                                                 NC;  Craig Williams, Portland, OR; Jennifer Armour, San Diego, CA;                                                                   Mike Huff, Powder Springs, GA; Jennifer Griffith, Athens, GA.

Hint: This was one of Athens' most notable bands that emerged from the "golden years" of music creativity in the Classic City. They were also one of my favorite groups because of the tight vocal harmonies and superb musicianship, and they had one of the most loyal followings in town when they played. Their first album was produced by a guitarist from a well-known Athens band, which brought a considerable amount of attention on college radio playlists. Some think that cachet may have been an albatross however, and it may have resulted in unreasonable expectations for the band. If so it was a shame, because they were more deserving of success than the way things turned out in the end. This clip is from their first LP, the one that was produced by that guitarist I mentioned.  Let's play Band of the Week everybody!!!

Week # 233                                       Bill Sheffield and the XL's performing "Here I Am Baby" 

March 6, 2015

                                                              Winner: Tim Abbott, Skipton, Yorkshire. Co-winners: Darryl White,                                                                  Melbourne, AU;  Chris  Hartstonge, London, UK; Steve Fleming,                                                                        Tourmakeady, IR; Andy Johnson, Athens, GA.

This week we have what we consider to be Atlanta's best example of blue-eyed soul. This band was a benchmark for that idiom in the 1980's and its lead singer/frontman is still active in the Atlanta area. This is one of those "you know it or you don't' entries on Band of the Week, and if you know you'll probably get the answer from hearing the singer's introduction before the music even begins. Good luck everybody!!

Week # 234                                      Seven Simons performing "Not Forever"

March 13, 2015
                                                             Winner: Andy Johnson, Athens, GA. Co-winners: Darryl White,                                                                           Melbourne, AU; Chris Hartstonge, London, UK; Kip Shepherd,                                                                           Huntsville, AL; Steve Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR; Tim Abbott,                                                                             Skipton, Yorkshire; Kenneth Rogers, Atlanta, GA.

This band holds the distinction of being the first band that REM "opened" for at the 40 Watt Uptown. Unfortunately, we were plagued by a recalcitrant guitar amp that night and REM's set was cut short to only 4 songs and the last one was aborted not long into the piece. Peter volunteered his amp to replace the guilty party, which set the headliner's set back considerably while the Fender twin was fetched from the practice space. And on top of that we had some problems with that amp, the net result of which was to detract from two excellent bands' efforts on a cold February night on Broad Street. We haven't given this band its due because of those technical gremlins but we hope this week's entry will make up for that to some degree. Please try to overlook the glitches and appreciate the fine vocal performance from a really good band, good luck everybody!!

Week # 235                                      the Lyres performing "She Pays the Rent"

March 20, 2015
                                                              Winner: Chris Hartstonge, London, UK. Co-winners: Joel Suttles,                                                                      Asheville, NC;  Steve Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR; Andy Johnson,

                                                              Athens, GA; Kip Shepherd,  Huntsville, AL; Tim Abbott, Skipton,                                                                      Yorkshire; Darryl White, Melbourne, AU;  Ken Rogers, Atlanta, GA;                                                                  Melissa Bock, Charlotte, NC.

Hint: This band hailed from Beantown, coming to the Watt on Broad several times during our stay there. This particular visit was notable in that it took place on the birthday of Doug Hoechst, the owner of the 40 Watt after Paul left in December, 1982. Since this recording was made late in February, 1987 it represents one of the last of the many recordings I made while I was the soundman at the 40 Watt Uptown. Good luck everybody!!


Week # 236                                       Club GaGa performing "Deseo Tu"

March 27, 2015
                                                              Winner: Chris Hartstonge, London, UK. Co-winners: Andy Johnson,                                                                Athens, GA; Dan Matthews, Watkinsville, GA; Tim Abbott, Skipton,                                                                Yorkshire; Kip Shepherd,  Huntsville, AL; Darryl White, Melbourne,                                                                  AU; Ken Rogers, Atlanta, GA. 

Hint: This band might well have had a pseudonym of "Taco Stand Sextet" for all the time spent on North Milledge, where they practiced across the street from Athens' favorite low-cost Tex-Mex restaurant. Establishing themselves as an Athens staple at the early Human Rights Festivals downtown on College Avenue, they were a 40 Watt regular for many years. This clip is from a 4-track recording made at the Watt on Broad, and the selection represents the "A" side of their 45 recorded at Songbird Studios in Atlanta. Good luck everybody!!


Week # 237                                     10,000 Maniacs performing "My Mother the War"

April 4, 2015
                                                             Winner: Tim Abbott, Skipton, Yorkshire. Co-winners: Andy Johnson,                                                               Athens, GA; Robby McMahan, Gainesville, GA; Steve Fleming,                                                                           Tourmakeady, IR; Darryl White, Melbourne, AU; Chris Hartstonge,                                                                   London, UK; Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL;  Joel Suttles, Asheville,                                                                   NC.

Hint: This band came to Athens shortly after we opened the 40 Watt Uptown on Broad Street. Their first performance was like many out-of-town bands who came to Athens in those days: there were very few people in the audience but they energetically applauded a talented group of musicians. I developed a friendship with them that prevails to this day, they recently self-released their 9th studio album (which I highly recommend). This clip appeared on their first album, and was the song that caught the ear of a BBC disc jockey, resulting in its becoming an indie hit in the UK. The rest is history, good luck everybody!!

Week # 238                                     Three Little Letters performing "Orange Crush"

April 11, 2015
                                                            Winner: Darryl White, Melbourne, AU. Co-winners: Andy Johnson,                                                                    Athens, GA; Steve  Fleming, Tourmakeady, IR; Chris Hartstonge,                                                                      London, UK; Melissa Bock, Charlotte, NC; Robby McMahan,                                                                                Gainesville, GA; Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL; Tim Abbott,                                                                                 Skipton, Yorkshire.


Hint: This was a well-known Athens band that started a tradition of opening for bands that were scheduled at the 40 Watt with an "unannounced" performance. This clip is from one of those performances, and I doubt more needs be said except that I'm told this was the first public performance of this song, one of my favorites from some old favorites of mine from my earliest days in Athens. Good luck everybody!!



Week # 239                                     Winter Hours performing "Let It Rain"

April 18, 2015
                                                            Winner: Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL. Co-winners: Darryl White,                                                                      Melbourne, AU; Chris Hartstonge, London, UK; Andy Johnson,                                                                          Athens, GA; Steve Fleming,  Tourmakeady, IR.

Hint: This band played the Watt on Broad in the summer of '86 and they were such a good band that I, like many other times, just had to stick a tape in the deck and press the red button. That tape wound up in the box with the others I carried around for a quarter-century before taking them out and giving them a listen. I think these guys will be happy to hear they're going to wind up at the Walter Brown Media Archives at UGA one of these days. Good luck everybody!!

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