Week #520 

September  4, 2020 

00:00 / 03:35

R.E.M. performing "Radio Free Europe"

Winner:  Matt Morris, Winston-Salem, NC.  Co-winners:  Darryl White, Melbourne, AU;  Tom English, Archdale, NC;  Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL;  Chris Hartstonge, London, UK;  Melissa Kemmerly, Atlanta, GA;  Tim Abbott, Skipton, UK;  Andy Johnson, Athens, GA;  Mike Czysz, Cedar Grove, NC;  Melissa Bock, Marietta, GA;  Bill Hancock, Atlanta, GA;  Kenneth Rogers, Atlanta, GA;  Suzanne Perry, Winston-Salem, NC;  Steve Fleming, Seattle, WA;  LH Sales, Athens, GA;  Mitch Harris, Athens, GA;  Celeste Dickson, Athens, GA;  Craig Williams, Portland, OR;  Matt King, Olean, New York.

Hint: This band needs even less an introduction than last week's if that's at all possible. They formed in Athens in 1980 and took the local music scene by storm. It was my good fortune to work with them almost exactly a year after their first performance together and that condition repeated several times over the next 9 years. Since this episode concludes our tenth year of Band of the Week we want to go out with a bang, so we're going to award 25 bonus points to everyone who can complete the lyric: "You ankled up the garbage sound but we were busy in the rows.... Gardening at Night just didn't grow"... Good luck everybody and thanks for supporting Band of the Week this past year!!


Final Points at End of 10th Year:  Congratulations!!

Darryl White   690     /    Tom English 537     /     Kip Shepherd 517     

Andy Johnson 509 /  Matt Morris 486  /  Chris Hartstonge 424  / Kenneth Rogers 223 

Craig Williams 218  /  Steve Fleming 198  /  Melissa Bock 126  /  LH Sales 88  

Mitch Harris 83  /  Dan Smith 79  /  Celeste Dickson 78  /  Melissa Kemmerly 64

Tim Abbott 63  /   David Judd 40  /  Mike Czysz 36  /  Bryan Cook  32  /  Suzanne Perry 32 

 Matt King 21  /   Bill Hancock 18  /  Jennifer Barnhart 8  /  Dennis Berndt 7

Greg Veale 6  /  Andrew Carter 6  /   Tommy Jordan 4  /  Jim Adams 4  /  Lynn Berndt 3

Denise Abbot 3  /  Susan Murphy 2  /  Greg Smith 1  /  Caryl Kaylor 1  /  Dan Matthews 1


Week #521 

September  11, 2020 

00:00 / 06:40

Heartfixers w/Fingers Taylor performing "Oh What a Thrill"

Winner:   Darryl White, Melbourne, AU;  Andy Johnson, Athens, GA;  Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL;  Mitch Harris, Athens, GA;  Steve Fleming, Seattle, WA;  Craig Williams, Portland, OR; Tom English, Archdale, NC;  Matt Morris, Winston-Salem, NC;  Melissa Kemmerly, Atlanta, GA;  Melissa Bock, Marietta, GA;  Chris Hartstonge, London, UK;  Kenneth Rogers, Atlanta.

Hint: this band was an Atlanta blues legend for most of the 1980s, usually billed as the frontman and the backing group. On this occasion, they were joined by a harmonica player who had established a reputation for being an original member of Jimmy Buffett's Coral Reefer Band. The guitarist in our featured band has gone on to a highly successful solo career which has included 17 studio albums. For our purposes today we want the name of the band as they were billed, which was the frontman and the backing band, and we'll award 10 bonus points to everyone who gives us the name of the featured harmonica player. Good luck everybody!!

Week #522 

September  18, 2020 

00:00 / 02:17

Waylaid performing "Trailer Park Song"

Winner:   Chris Hartstonge, London, UK.  Co-winners:  Andy Johnson, Athens, GA;  Matt Morris, Winston-Salem, NC;  Tom English, Archdale, NC;  Darryl White, Melbourne, AU;  Kip Shepherd, Huntsville, AL; Tim Abbott, Skipton, UK;  Steve Fleming, Seattle, WA

Hint: this was an Athens band that came along in the late 1980's, garnering a local following and playing the 40 Watt on Clayton (version 2.0) several times. They were a good representation of the knock-heads grunge movement that Athens fostered in that time period. This recording was made the summer before I left the Watt, which was in February of 1990. Sadly, when I found one of the band members online a few years ago I was advised of the passing of the drummer, who used to live around the corner from me in Normaltown. 

Band of the Week Winners  520 - 539

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