Athens Redux

I've been holding this clip in readiness for an upcoming show at the 40  Watt next week. The Squalls were one of the pillars that held up the Watt throughout most of the 1980's and they were a personal favorite when they came to play our place. This show dates from around 1988, which means it contains some songs that likely weren't heard by some of their most loyal fans, we hope you'll enjoy them!

We wish to thank Tom English for his dedication to locating and downloading our music files from the old website.  Without his help, we very likely would have lost 5 years of music files.  


Thank you, Tom for your tenacity in taking on the tedious task, and helping us to "preserve the magic". 


Pat & Jean Biddle

Shared  on June 17, 2022

I cannot brook things that don’t work as intended, and after being subjected to cyber harassment for a few minutes I am usually ready to go to war with the offending party.

Such was the situation last week, when I encountered a “failure to communicate” with my software. It took a long while, but I finally persevered and we are ready to resume our weekly feature, Athens Redux. Speaking of redux, that’s exactly what I had to do battle with until there wasn’t enough time to complete the task at hand. Veni, vidi, vici.

We hope you enjoy a musical interlude with our choice this week, the New Invincibles.