Athens Redux

Welcome to Athens Redux, a blast from the past every Friday at 6 PM EDT (Athens time). Each week we'll post a show from the archives for your listening pleasure at your leisure till next Friday's show time rolls around. We hope you enjoy and that you'll visit us again for future shows!

This week we proudly present an Athens favorite that was a staple at the Watt till they broke up in the summer of '84. Beginning with the name the Drastics they underwent a personnel and then a name change, ending their career with the name Rumjungle. This recording was made at their final show at the Watt on Broad on May 18, 1984. We hope you enjoy!

We wish to thank Tom English for his dedication to locating and downloading our music files from the old website.  Without his help, we very likely would have lost 5 years of music files.  


Thank you, Tom for your tenacity in taking on the tedious task, and helping us to "preserve the magic". 


Pat & Jean Biddle