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Hint: this band arrived in Athens just about a month after we moved from Clayton Street to the Broad Street location. It was their first trip to the South from their home state of New York. Although there were only a dozen or so in the audience that night, word quickly got out and their next appearance saw a much more substantial crowd at the Watt. They became a regular on the trip from New York to Athens and their career fared well after those early days. Sadly, one of the original members passed away much too soon, but the remaining lineup survived the departure of their lead vocalist and the aforementioned tragedy to leave a music legacy of renown. Good luck everybody!!


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We wish to thank Tom English for his dedication to locating and downloading our music files from the old website.  Without his help, we very likely would have lost 5 years of music files.  


Thank you, Tom for your tenacity in taking on the tedious task, and helping us to "preserve the magic". 


Pat & Jean Biddle

About Band of the Week...​
Our flagship feature is our weekly contest to identify a band or artist from the archives. We choose a selection and  post a clip on the Band of the Week page every Friday as close to 6 PM Eastern as possible.
The first person to send me an email with the correct answer at is our winner for that week, and receives a two CD set of Athens Anthology, which is a collection from personal favorites that I recorded during the years I worked as a soundman in Athens 1980-1992.  If you've already received the CD set then you'll receive a T-shirt. I'm afraid after that you'll only receive sincere congratulations!
At the anniversary of the beginning of Band of the Week, (which is around the middle of September) we tally the points accumulated during the year and award trophies to the top three participants.
Since our fourth year, points are awarded based on the number of correct answers each week.  The last correct answer will receive one point, the next to last two points, and so on for all correct answers.  If we have fifteen respondents in one week, the winner will receive fifteen points.  The winner's trophy will be pictured on this website as long as the website exists.
Thank you to all the loyal people who've made our Athens music game something we look forward to every Friday evening, and let us all be thankful for the incredible, talented friends and lovers who are no longer with us, but whose shining light was a star in the Athens sky for much too brief a period of time.




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